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Music has and always be an art-form than can be experienced by one's self or in a group. It is universal. It connects people. It has no judgement. It has no expectations. It has no age restriction. It is available to everyone without prejudice.

JB's House of Music is here to make music available to everyone.

We have programs for students who are home-schooled. In these situations we will come out to a convenient location of your choice and give students the opportunity to play and understand music. We have guitars, keyboards and drums on which students can play and explore music first-hand. We can take them all the way to a performance at the end of the program. This is always an exciting moment for them as they prepare and perform on stage, often for the first time in their lives.


As part of our service we provide background information to the music played in the sessions however we can also provide a full-on history and appreciation class on any type of music, customized to your needs.


We can provide a group session or work with students individually. We operate through The Arts Community, a non-profit organization promoting the arts throughout the region.  

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