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Summer '24 Rock Band Workshop dates:
July 29 - Aug 2
Aug 5 - 9

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Our mission is to bring the joy and pleasure of playing music to anyone. Whether through one-on-one lessons or in a group setting, the achievement of learning a piece of music and then performing it is both rewarding and fulfilling. Our mission is to give people the opportunity to experience just that.

Colorful Lights

The Music Connection

Music is a connection between the performer and the listener. It connects through emotions. We listen to music for a variety of reasons but each of those reasons belong to the listener. 

The people that write and play the music do so for their own personal reasons too. It is a way of communication that happens in that moment. Music is an art form in which performers can express themselves and listeners can react in their own personal way, without judgement or fear. It can be experienced in a personal and private place or together with others, sharing in a communal moment of joy and excitement. It can lift one out of a bad moment, or calm the senses. Whatever the reason we choose a type of music to listen to, it is part of life.

In today's world people need something that connects with their personality. Playing an instrument does exactly that. Playing a favorite song on the piano or guitar brings a sense of achievement and happiness that only the performer can feel. Writing a song brings out personal emotions that belong to the writer and when others react after hearing the song, it is a connection that can only happen through music. Creating music with other like-minded people in a band brings a sense of unity with everyone in the band. Performing music live on stage and feeling the energy of everyone working together and sharing that energy with an audience is something only music can bring.


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